Over the past five years, our district has implemented numerous initiatives.  We wanted to let our community members know about these initiatives as we are constantly striving to improve the education that we deliver to your children.

Initiative Title


Alligning Curriculum to Common Core Standards

GAINS Assessments

Separating grades into "academic" and "behavioral" categories

Transition to Google 

Freshman Team/Academy


RTI with forms, RTI with P4R,RtI for academic vs behavior

Inclusion of more AP Classes

Staff Mentor Program

GOALS Program

Bridges Program

Brain Based Learning


WSC - ATC – SRC(academic tutoring center)

Common Formative Assessments to inform instruction


EPAS goal setting


Late Start Tuesday

Co-Teaching various classes


ACT prep for Juniors


Curriculum Alignment

Partners for Results (P4R)

Good to Great



GNC Training

CIA (Character In Action)


Math Curriculum

District Power Standards


To help each classroom follow a specific flow patttern that students can identify with.

I- Ignite the lesson

T- Tell the objective

E- Engage in the lesson

A- Assess all learners

C- Close the lesson

H- Honor all learners

Providing our students with the nationally accepted Common Core Curriculum.

National Standards that attempt to allign standards in all classrooms across the United States.

A system that predicts college success based on standardized test scores.

Incorporate technology in the classroom and allow the students to become more vested in their education.  Content is delivered as homework to provide more time in the classroom for student to work with content and ask the teacher questions.

To track student progress, then make adjustments in the classroom or provide additional help to individual students.

To clearly communicate learning objectives to students and their progress towards those specific objectives.  Grade the knowledge gained not the process of learning it.  

So grades reflect "true" academic level and are not based on behaviors or other factors.

Strategies to improve student involvement and understanding on academic activities.


Allows for free student/teacher and student/student collaboratoin through technology.  Also was a fix for our decade old email servers.

Help make the transition easier from 8th grade into the freshman year of high school.  Provide extra support for freshman.

RtI = Response to Intervention.  Identify struggling students and provide appropriate intervention techniques to support and create success to those students.


Provide more rigor for students.  Additionally, allowing students more opportunity to gain college credit in high school.

To provide support and resources to all new teachers in our district.


Interventions and extra support for at risk students identified by the middle schools as they come into their freshman year.

A summer program designed to help identified "at risk" eighth grade students transition successfully into high school.


Analyzed the entire school's curriculum to identify where all the state SEL goals were being covered in our building.


There was about a group of 15-20 teachers that met throughout an entire year with an outside consultant.  We were trained to use DI in our classrooms and to train other teachers.  Then, the following year we taught small groups of teachers during a semester.

Teach students how their brains learn and furnish study skills for them to utilize.

A tutored study hall that is manned by teachers in math, English, and science.


To offer easier lateral movement of students from teacher to teacher in same subject areas.  Allow teachers to work together, use student data, and create better ways of teaching.


Improve overall student growth based on college readiness standards.


Teachers working together to improve curriculum and instruction.


Provide additional support to some students who preform at certain levels.


Prepare students for high stakes tests and improve their chances of obtaining admission into colleges.


All students have the same opportunities for learning.

Data Collecting System

The district hired Gary Fields to help improve the AYP of the district.

A program designed to monitor the growth of our students who are participating in Literacy Classes.

A tool used to monitor student growth in math and literacy.


Learning management system that provides online communication, grades, documents, etc between teachers and students/parents.


Technology based support resource for students and teachers.  Assignments can be given and calendars created to keep students and teachers organized.


Computer-based state required training for teachers and staff.

Rewarding students for positive behaviors that alligns with the Character Counts Model.

Peer leaders who assist underclassmen in their study halls.

Created an McHenry County College (MCC) alligned course so that students may begin taking more advanced math courses at the start of their MCC collegiate experience.

Allignment of goals and curriculum for teachers within the district teaching the same courses.