While many of our clubs and organizations are not competing, they are still making McHenry proud.  Below is a description and list of accomplishments of our clubs and organizations.



MCHS Print Shop


This is a curricular and extracurricular program that gives the students who take our graphics courses the opportunity for on the job training. Using the Adobe Creative Suite, the students learn design, as well as bindery, offset press, screen-printing, vinyl decals, vinyl banners, and page layout all while working on live jobs in our graphics department. The students work on jobs for the district’s printing needs as well as for outside customers.  All profits made go back into building the graphics program to keep up to date with constant technology upgrades. 

Students also have the opportunity individually to compete in the Skills USA competition as well as other local and national competitions. In the past 10 years we placed the following in the Skills USA competition.


State Skills USA Competition

1st Place - 5 

2nd Place – 8

3rd Place – 7


National Skills USA Competition

8th Place – (2012)

4th Place –  (2009)

13th Place –  (2009)




McHenry High School's award-winning Yearbook program is considered both a curricular class and extracurricular activity. In Yearbook, students learn skills necessary to create our annual yearbook. Staff members develop skills by learning how to take photos that capture action and emotion, write compelling journalistic features and captions, write headlines and subheadings that grab the reader's attention, layout page elements in an attractive manner, incorporate our theme in a consistent and clever way on every page, and turn in work by deadline. More than anything, Yearbook teaches students how to work as a team and allows them an opportunity to become closer to their school.


Illinois Journalism Education Association: 3rd Place Overall (2011, 2012)

National Scholastic Press Association: All-American Book (2012)

Illinois Journalism Education Association All-State Journalism Team (2012 and 2013)

IHSA Journalism State Qualifier (2013)


Marching Band


This is a completely extra-curricular ensemble, unattached to any course in our day.  The time commitment has two primary components.  The Marching Band Leadership Team begins meeting in March every two weeks.  We also have a 2 day overnight leadership camp in combination with other area schools with this group during the summer. This time is spent training students in leadership practices and plans the following season’s activities.  Throughout the summer, the drumline begins to meet weekly for 2-4 hours a week in addition to the MBLT.  We have 2-3 large group rehearsals during the summer prior to band camp-these run between 4-6 hours in duration and prepare for summer parades.  We participate in 4 parades throughout the summer in Wonder Lake, Lakemoor, and McHenry.  Our band camp begins 2 weeks prior to the school year beginning over the course of 7 days for a total of 70 hours.  The regular rehearsal schedule is twice a week from 5:30-8:30 PM, with a game or competition every Friday or Saturday night.  Competitions are all-day events typically leaving school mid morning and returning late evening.  We had 4 this past year, which has become our norm.  We also host a major competition the first week of September.  In addition to student time, the director, typically writes all of the music and drill, as the funding does not allow him to hire outside personal for the task.  We have a staff of 3 for 120 students.  We rely heavily on volunteers and student leadership to effectively run this organization.  Time details are below for the past season and broken  down along these lines:


Summer rehearsals/meetings-72 hours.

Summer performances-15 hours

Band camp-70 hours

Season rehearsals-66 hours

Games/Competitions-57 hours

Marching festival physical setup/event/tear down-21 hours

Marching band social activities supervision-15 hours

Drill writing/arranging-175 hours




Tri-M is our Music Honor Society.  It meets once a month and typically plans 1-2 events monthly. Major events include The M Factor talent show in January, Children’s Music Day in February and charity coffeehouses in October and April.   These students also assist with music department events doing tasks such as ushering, concert setup/tear down, and marching festival management.


AM Jazz


AM Jazz is a once weekly lab jazz band, also currently sanctioned but not stipended by the school.  This is our training ensemble for the curricular jazz band and is the only resource several of our students with full schedules have for music participation once marching band ends.  It performs 3-4 times a year, in conjunction with other ensemble’s concerts.




While not technically extracurricular, we thought it was appropriate to bring up the large number of curricularly tied, extracurricular activities of the music department which are tremendously affected by strict work hours.  We have throughout the year over 30 performances by curricular groups throughout our community and school in addition to on- and off- site clinics, competitions, and tours.  We also have monthly meetings with our TEMPO Performing Arts booster organization in the evenings to maintain parent involvement in schools and ensure a steady revenue flow into our programs.  These are integral to the function of our school program.


Student Council


The Student Council club encourages student involvement throughout the school, increases school spirit, and provides a sense of community within the school.  The students take on leadership roles to help carry out those functions within the school community.  They are a huge part in the Homecoming festivities, Turnabout, Spirit rallies, St. Baldrick's, and much more.  We meet with Exec board every Thursday morning and the full council every Friday morning.


Warrior Nation


Warrior Nation is a group that promotes school spirit and student involvement. This group supports our athletic and extra curricular activities by encouraging others to attend and creating themes for the student body to be more united as a force.  To encourage student involvement, Warrior Nation hosts different tournaments throughout the year such as volleyball, basketball, dodgeball, and ping pong tournaments.  Many of the funds collected go to supporting Volley for a Cure, the Giving Tree, or St. Baldrick's efforts.  This year Warrior Nation started selling car decals and yard signs to show pride in our school and the activities students are involved with.  Warrior Nation also developed a spirit card program this year encouraging students to attend warrior activities by rewarding them with positive reinforcement.  This group also plays a large role in motiving and organizing the student body at Pep Assemblies.


Operation Click


Operation Click is a student run program that focuses on promoting good driving habits in their peers through positive reinforcement.  Students sign driving contracts and act in accordance with these contracts to receive many prizes throughout the year such as gas cards, candy, t-shirts, lanyards, bracelets, etc.  Operation Click focuses on encouraging students to wear their seatbelts, avoiding drinking and driving, avoiding distracted driving, and to stop speeding.  Operation Click members host many activities for students to participate in throughout the year to get educated on the dangers of the perviously mentioned dangers.  Some of these activites include C.A.R.T.S., ghost out, safe driving week, trivia days, and Red Ribbon week.  The grand prize awarded through this program for students is the chance to win a car at the end of the school year.  In the past we have had two seniors from East Campus win a car.


Dare To Be Different


Dare to be Different meets occasionally, once a month, to discuss ways to prevent bullying and improve our school culture. This club was formed as a student initiative to better both the school and community.  Currently the club is working on some activities and videos to continue to advance their mission to increase tolerance within East Campus.


Student Leadership Team


The Student Leadership Team is a selected set of seniors who develop leadership skills for the purpose of having them increase their positive sphere of influence in our schools.  They meet every other Wednesday as large group/small group from 6:50-7:30 AM.



Class Board


The Class Board facilitates meetings and direction for students of respected classes to help create more unity within the school.  Events such as St. Baldricks, Battle of the Bands, Class Gifts, and Homecoming are a few of the duties that this club assists with.  They meet at least once a month on Mondays from 7:10-7:30am and they meet more often when big school events roll around.


Key Club


We are an organization whose focus is community service and leadership.  There are over 300 members of Key Club that meet once a month.  However, we have events that we are helping at on pretty much a daily basis.  We partner with over 20 different community organizations to varying extents.  Last year our members performed over 5000 hours of community service.  We are affiliated with Kiwanis International.  Over the last nine years, we have had 5 students in District (state) office.  We consistently win awards at our annual state convention for being one of the top performing clubs in our state.  The sponsor won the Payton/Blunt/Kay award (faculty advisor of the year award) in 2009.


Art Club 


The Art Club meets every Wednesday at 7am.  They have been executing a variety of on-going projects. Recently, students finished a bookmark project that created about 100 hand-made books for the library for students to take one when checking out a book.   Currently, we are in the process of painting a few mural projects around the school.  Last year, art club created a large mural in the weight room at East Campus.  Furthermore, we will also be partnering with National Art Honors society and creating pet portraits and working on the Memory project.


Media club


Media club meets every Monday until 4pm.  Students are currently collecting a variety of footage to put together in a large highlight video that showcases everything that students can do.  They are also working on small video projects that highlight individual events.  Last year, several QR codes appeared in the yearbook that linked to videos created by media club students.  Students have also worked with other clubs in recording their events.


Science Club


The Science Club has been active with a school garden the past 8 years.  We also built the solar shed / concession stand (with a lot of community donations and help) about 5 years ago.  It’s an experimental platform for solar hot water and photovoltaic energy.   A lot of the group that helped design and build it are now engineers and architects