We are extremely proud of the financial scholarships that many of our students are able to secure in order to pursue post-secondary education.


Scholarship Monetary Awards


      School           Year           Local Contributions         Attending School Contributions                 Totals


       West            2012              $151,515.00                              $1,764,000.00                           $1,915,515.00

       East             2012                $58,000.00                                 $779,000.00                              $837,000.00

  Combined        2012              $209,515.00                              $2,543,000.00                           $2,752,515.00                       


       West            2013              $153,790.00                              $2,130,888.00                            $2,284,678.00

       East             2013                $46,000.00                              $1,200,000.00                            $1,246,000.00 

  Combined        2013              $199,790.00                              $3,330,888.00                            $3,530,678.00








Throughout past years our teachers have worked on creating new curriculum for core and elective classes:



      AP Language and Composition

      AP Literature and Composition

      Cultural Studies Honors

      Literacy I

      Literacy II

      Literacy III

      Rhetoric and Research Honors

      Rhetoric Analysis of Media



      Transitions to College Mathematics

      College Algebra with Trigonometry

      Pre-Calculus Honors

      AB Calculus (pending board approval)

      BC Calculus (pending board approval)



      AP Chemistry

      AP Biology

      Chemistry Honors

      AP Physics I (pending board approval)

      AP Physics II (pending board approval)


   Fine Arts

      AP German (pending board approval)

      AP French (pending board approval)

      AP Spanish Language and Culture (pending board approval)

      AP Music Theory

      Introduction to Music Theory

      Symphonic Band Honors

      Guitar I

      Guitar II Ensemble

      AP Independent Studio

      Digital Media Studio (pending board approval)

      Digital Media @ MCC (dual credit) (pending board approval)



   Career Education/Industrical Technology

      Business IT course (pending board approval)

      Intro to Engineering Design Honors (Project Lead The Way) (pending board approval)

      Robotics @ MCC (dual credit) (pending board approval)

      Keyboarding/Google Training (pending board approval)


   Physical Education/Health/Driver Education

      Strength and Conditioning

      Fit 4 Life

      Fitness Walking

      Fresh/Soph PE

      PE Leadership

      Zero Hour PE (pending board approval)

      Zero Hour Strength and Conditioning (pending board approval)


   Social Science

      Cultural Studies

      Issues of the 21st Century

      Foundations of Ancient Empires

      Development of the Modern World

      Introduction to Psychology

      AP US History

      AP American Government and Politics

      AP Comparative Government

      AP Psychology

      AP Human Geography

      AP World History (pending board appoval)




      Consumer Education 

      US Government

      Spanish for Heritage Spanish Speakers I

      Spanish for Heritage Spanish Speakers II

      Spanish for Heritage Spanish Speakers III


Here is a link to our curriculum guide to see all the courses that we teach.














According to figures from the District 156 Website, our AP and Honors Programs have improved in the past 5 years. This has been a benefit for both the students and their families. 


Visit here for that Data